The effects of parasites on our pets

The main external parasites that attack a dog are:

  1. FLEAS

Fleas are very small and extremely fast and, for this reason, they can easily hide in the animal’s fur. However, if you’re in doubt, check at the base of your pet’s fur and if you find any small black dots, these are droppings left by fleas living on your four-legged friend. They can cause intestinal worm infestations and excessive weight loss.

  1. TICKS

There are two types of ticks – hard and soft (the latter have no hard-dorsal shield) – and both attach themselves to the dog to suck his blood. They mainly target the ears, head, neck and armpits. One simple bite can cause unpleasant consequences such as high fever, drowsiness, loss of appetite and weight loss.


Mosquitoes also irritate our furry friends and can transmit heartworm disease, a worm that causes the spread of parasites in the heart. Heartworm disease can even reveal itself months after the moment in which your pet is infected.


Sand flies are a particular type of small mosquitoes that reproduce during warm periods and are known to transmit the dreaded Leishmaniasis. These insects fly and bite your dog, especially at dusk. They cause alopecia, weight loss, joint pain and ulcers.

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