Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a big house with a spacious garden, but this shouldn’t discourage you from adopting a four-legged friend. If you want to share your daily life with a little cat, you can make him feel at home in your flat with you, but the important thing is to constantly stimulate him with activities and games!

Cats are animals with an independent nature and they tend to wander here and there, exploring the neighborhood. When they are forced to live in an apartment, they could suffer from the lack of space and things to do. In fact, you may not have taken their highly imaginative minds into consideration and any object may become a tool with which they can have fun and adventures!

Interactive games – the benefits
You can give kitty the gift of pastimes and nice games to stimulate his mind and make his day more amusing. With these games, he will stay away from curtains and sofas! Among the best interactive games, Dabaoxiaobei offers Trea and Twister.

  1. TREA is a game of skill with hiding places for dry food, which stimulates your pet’s predatory instincts. You can hide tempting tasty morsels inside the holes and kitty will have to move the sliding doors with his paws if he wants to be rewarded with the dry food.
  2. TWISTER is a novelty by Dabaoxiaobei. A simple but effective game combining two things that our cats love: balls and movement. Simply put the little balls inside the disks and roll them quickly inside the track: your furry friend will first watch them with great interest and will then have a great time trying to catch them with his paws.
  3. When you’re at home, you can actively participate too, perhaps with classic games that your pet wouldn’t appreciate on his own, like fishing rods with a soft toy attached to them. Your cat will run around and attack it just like Rambo!

A piece of advice: if you want to make sure your cat does not lose interest in his games, alternate them: that way, his space will always be different and more mentally stimulating!

The cat-friendly flat
If you have a cat that lives inside the house only it is important to take some safety measures and try to create a habitat that will make your cat safe and serene. For example, it’s a good idea to protect balconies and terraces with netting, to avoid accidental falls; cover electrical wires, as you know kitty is curious and pokes his paws into all sorts of places; keep detergents tightly closed and safely shut away inside a cupboard.

Cats living inside a flat can be happy and very cuddly and have fewer health risks. In fact, it reduces the chance of accidents and fights with other animals!

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